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My name is Catherine Wilson and I am a Homeopath registered with the Society of Homeopaths practising in Witney and Bampton in West Oxfordshire.

Like so many of my patients I came to homeopathy because I was desperate.  I only wish I’d found it years before.

Twenty six years ago I was a full time working mum with two small children and I suffered from migraine 2 or 3 days a week, in between I felt like I was dragging myself through treacle (those of you who suffer from migraine will know what I mean). My doctor called this “self-perpetuating” or cluster migraine – in other words I couldn’t sleep my way out of them and each migraine led to another.  Nothing my doctor prescribed worked and he told me that this was the price I had to pay for my lifestyle.  I resolved to find an alternative solution.

When I first saw a homeopath he told me that I was suffering from chronic fatigue and that it would take months before I started to feel well.  After 6 weeks using homeopathy I had a day when I felt well and for the first time I appreciated how ill I had actually been.  Over the following few months I improved dramatically until it became apparent that my remaining migraine was actually Pre-Menstrual and the exhaustion that most women experience before they bleed was triggering the migraine.  This took another few months to resolve.  I still get occasional PM migraine but I simply take a remedy and it resolves in a few hours and, best of all, the following day I feel fine.  I can honestly say homeopathy changed my life.

My homeopath treated me for severe morning sickness during my third pregnancy and with his encouragement I did a one year course to learn how to prescribe for acute illnesses and treated my family and friends. Eventually, after much thought, I decided that I wanted to help other people experience the power of homeopathy and so I studied for a degree in homeopathy and set up my practice

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