Homeopathy in Pregnancy and for Babies or Children

In Pregnancy, Labour and Post Natal

Since it is totally non-toxic and very gentle homeopathy can be used safely during Pregnancy (e.g. for Morning Sickness), and during Labour and Childbirth and can be helpful for post natal problems such as Mastitis and Post natal depression.

For Babies and Children

Homeopathy can also be very useful in the treatment of babies and children for example it can help in cases of acute illness such as colds, fevers, stomach upsets, ear infections or sore throats particularly where there is a history of regular recurrence of such illnesses

It can also be very helpful for Colic, Teething and Nappy Rash

It can help resolve issues with Bed Wetting / Enuresis, Temper Tantrums and Separation Anxiety

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